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[01 Nov 2010|05:40am]
Top ten outdoor places that I've been in New England

Dove in the coves at Beavertail in RI - The rocky shores of Jamestown always make me think that a pirate ship is about to come over the horizon at any second and Beavertail is the best example of that type of place. One minute you're in a crowded parking lot, but walk towards the water and you'll likely be all alone climbing down the rocks to the water below.

Paddled across Squam Lake in NH - With mountains in the background and countless islands to explore, Lake Squam was great even if the place was a wee bit too big for our kayaks. We paddled for hours and still barely saw a fraction of this place.

Climbed to the top of Mt Washington in NH - Near the top we walked into the clouds and by the time we reached the summit there was no view, but it's pretty cool knowing that when I was posing for a picture at the peak, no one in New England was at a higher point that I was.

Drove up route 100 in VT - Normally I wouldn't consider a drive to be an outdoor adventure, but it all depends on where you stop. We could've spent the entire day making pit stops at trailheads along that route. We only hiked a few miles because we were trying to cram everywhere into the one drive, but we saw some great waterfalls and it's worth a return trip during the warmer months to be able to play in the water a little more.

Explored Smuggler's Notch in VT - I've never seen a place quite like this before. Cliffs shoot up on both sides of you as you drive through and if you're lucky enough to snag a parking spot you can hike up the side of one of the cliffs to Sterling Pond and the North Trail.

Biked Wendell State Forest in MA - There are likely better places to mountain bike, but this was one of my favorites. The uphills never seemed too steep, but the downhills were fast. We climbed up a hill to a scenic overlook before making our way back down and the terrain was perfectly suited for our skill level.

Rafted down the Kenebec River in ME - My memory of this weekend isn't exactly sharp since it was over ten years ago, but I do remember that it was a lot of fun and something that I want to do again. Our guide was great and we only one person from our party went overboard. No, it wasn't me, and yes, we did get her back.

Kayaked the Wood River in RI - I was tempted to go with the Swift River in MA here because I think I liked that place better. But I'm going with the Wood River because it has more potential. With two cars you could make an entire day of this, starting in Exeter and take the Wood River through most of South County.

Swam in East Pond in NH - You take a long dirt road through the woods to get to the trailhead and then hike a short, steep trail. There were a couple of other groups around at the same time, but it still had a very secluded feel to it. The pond that we eventually made it to was something right out of a movie with the crystal clear water and mountainous backdrop.

Spelunked through the caves of Purgatory Chasm in MA - This still is, and probably always will be, one of my favorite places to go. Age has zapped some of my spider-monkey ability and a little extra thickness has made some of the caves impossible, but it's a great place for a climb.

5 more places I want to go to

Camel Hump Mountain in VT - It's Vermont's third highest peak and the highest undeveloped one with no ski lifts or mountainside gift shops. On a clear day you can see the highest points in MA, VT, NH, and NY

Mt Greylock in MA - Mass's highest peak is just a bump compared to the mountains running through NH, but it's something I want to see. It should be a relatively easy hike and if we do it in the spring there are waterfalls and scenic brooks on every side

White Mountain National Forest in ME - The White Mountains in NH get all the attention, but the park actually extends quite a bit into Maine. Less than an hour away from North Conway there is plenty to explore

Arcadia in ME - Bar Harbor is supposed to be the most beautiful town in all of New England. Cliffs and sunrises, mountains and beaches it combines the best of both worlds.

Anywhere in CT - I've always hated CT. It is, by far, my least favorite state in New England. Most of the time they just think they're a suburb of New York. But there's gotta be some nice stuff here to visit. I hear the Litchfield Hills are great. The northeast corner is apparently nice and secluded. There's probably some good coastline and I know there are plenty of lakes and rivers to put a kayak in. I just have to find them.
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[27 Oct 2010|06:26pm]
They say a picture is worth 1000 words so here we have 55000 words on how Columbus Day weekend went this year. So sum things up, for those of you who don't like pictures, there was a lot of food and beer.

Tuesday morning Erin and I hopped into the car and we started the long drive north. Turns out the drive didn't seem that long though. Right around noon time we rolled into the Long Trail Brewery for lunch and a quick self guided tour. It's not my favorite beer company, but they do have some good beer so we bought a couple of t-shirts before moving on. Since we were already off the highway we began to make our way up Vermont by the scenic route. This is where a book on New England waterfalls came in handy. We made four stops on the way north and they were four stops that were well worth visiting. We checked into our hotel before heading into downtown Burlington for dinner that night and we wound up going to the Vermont Brewery and Pub. They wound up being ok, but nothing really great.

It was more driving again the next day as we decided to do a scenic loop through Vermont from Burlington through Stowe and then back again. Our first stop was the Boyden Valley Winery where they gave us a quick tour before letting us sample their wines. It turns out that Erin and I are really big fans of ice wine, but it also turns out that ice wine is very expensive. From there we headed towards Smuggler's Notch. We took one of the last parking spots left in the area and started playing on the rocks. It wasn't long before we saw a trail off to the side and decided to start following it. Erin really wasn't feeling very well, but we kept going a little further and then a little further. By the time she was ready to turn back we bumped into a family who said that the top wasn't too much further so we kept going. The top turned out to be Sterling Pond on the side of the Long Trail. It was a fun hike with a great place for a break at the top before we headed back down. Next up was a stop at Bingham Falls. A short walk into the woods and we came across a series of falls crashing over the rocks. Hunger and impending darkness cut our visit a little short, but we still had time for one more stop. We took a ski lift up to the top of Mt Mansfield, the highest point in Vermont. Unfortunately we arrived 15 minutes before they were about to shut down so once we got to the top we had to turn around and head back down. After we left the mountain we grabbed some dinner and then saw a couple of baby cows frolicking around which might have been Erin's favorite part of the trip. The way back to the hotel just happened to pass by Ben and Jerry's and while it was too late for a tour, they were still open for ice cream, so we grabbed a couple of cones, visited the flavor graveyard, and called it a night.

Thursday we headed into downtown Burlington to explore for the first time during the day. We ate breakfast at the Skinny Pancake and then went for a bike ride along Lake Champlain. After that it was time to eat lunch at the Red Onion, a place that a friend highly recommended, and with good reason. Their sandwich was damn good. We walked around downtown for a while, but not many of the shops in the area kept our attention for very long. We killed an hour at a small aquarium and then headed for dinner where we met Erin's cousin and her family. We had what was probably our favorite meal of the trip and then headed back to Erin's cousin's house to stay the night.

The next morning it was raining. Not just raining, but pouring. It was coming down in buckets. That's probably a large part of the reason why we slept later that morning than we did all week and even after we did wake up, leaving the house seemed like it was a bad idea. The satelite tv kicked the bucket while Erin was taking her shower, otherwise we may never have left. We started our rainy day journey at another winery. This one was smaller and we weren't as impressed with the wines, but we bought a bottle anyways before moving on. We left the Hero Islands and headed into Shelburne where we first hit the Magic Hat Brewery. I've never been a huge fan of their beers, but they gave us some free samples and they had a pretty cool looking place. We had lunch before heading back into the rain where we came across Shelburne Farms. They offered us a tour, but because of the rain we passed on that and instead bought a coffee and donut to go along with our free cheese samples. We hit our third winery of the week where we finally found an ice wine that wasn't too expensive. Then we headed to the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory where they gave us a tour and we were able to see how baby bears are born. A quick stop at the Lake Champlain Chocolate Factory and we were back on our way to Hero Island for dinner with Erin's family. Of course my car picked the heaviest rain of the day for the driver's side windshield wiper to break, but who really needs to see when they're driving? Our final night there was spend eating pizza and watching some tv with her family.

We opted to risk driving home without the aid of a windshield wiper even though it was still raining mostly because we didn't want to turn a six hour drive into a 9 hour ordeal. We made it out of the clouds ok and even saw some of the first snow of the season in the mountains. We ate lunch at the Common Man in New Hampshire before making our way back home.
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[19 Sep 2010|01:09pm]
I packed the kayaks and bike the night before, so bright and early I was on my way. By 8 I had already met up with my brother and we tossed everything into the back of his truck. As we neared our destination one of the main roads turned into a single lane path and he had to slam on the breaks to narrowly avoid hitting a beaver crossing the road. That was our first hint that we were in the middle of nowhere.

We put the kayaks into the Swift River and I couldn't believe how nice the water was. I don't think I've ever seen river water so clear before. We found a couple of coves to poke around in and plenty of places to get out for a swim if the water hadn't have been so cold. We got to a set of falls and hadn't had enough yet so we carried around them and put into some "rapids" at the bottom. They were nothing big and scary, just a bit of fast flowing water. Kevin went in first and it was too shallow so he mostly wound up scooting along hitting a rock or two along the way. When I went in I tried to go around that part and find a deeper part, but the current grabbed me and lodged me between two rocks, sideways. The kayak started filling with water and I sunk. I didn't even know that was possable in a kayak. I had to get out of the boat and put all my muscle into getting the submerged thing slightly emptied so that it would float and I could drag it to the shore. After emptying it out we made it a little further down before we saw that the river started to pick up speed. Knowing that even if we were able to make it through, we'd never be able to paddle back, we turned around and headed back to the truck where we grilled a couple of steaks before moving on.

Our next stop was the Holyoke Range State Park for some mountain biking. The word range probably should've tipped us off that we'd be riding on a series of peaks. To make things worse when we were looking at the map we decided that we were hellbent on making it to the top of the tallest one. At no point did we think that was a good idea, but we got it into our heads and were too stubborn to change our minds. I'm not sure how long it took, but it seemed like we were dragging those bikes up the side of a mountain forever before we finally got to the top of the 1100' peak. I went to grab my camera to take a picture of the great view on top only to realize that I no longer had my camera. We had to retrace our steps back down the path that we hated so much the first time before we somehow managed to see the brown case lying on the side of the trail. By that time we were already exhausted, but pressed on not wanting to drive all that way for nothing. In the end we decided that we weren't a big fan of that place and all it's riding uphill.

After checking into the hotel for a quick shower we hit the town of Amherst for some dinner and a few drinks. We had high hopes for the Amherst Brew Pub since we're all for anyone serving us a beer that we've never had before, but the place turned out pretty bad. I got about three bites of meat in my steak tips and Kevin said his fish was horrible. The service was subpar and the beer was just ok. That wasn't too bad of a thing though because what we really needed was an early night.

After a nice, long sleep in a couple of comfortable beds we hit the road again. We were in some pain and didn't think we'd go too far into Wendell State Forrest. Kevin even pretty much asked one of the rangers "We're here to mountain bike....but what path should we go to avoid the mountains?". Once we got out we felt fine though. The trails were a lot better and not nearly as steep and hilly. We made it a lot further than we thought we were going to, including a ride to the highpoint in the park with a scenic vista.

When we left there we started heading home, but not without one more stop. When planning the trip I realized that the Wachusetts Brewery was only a mile off the path that we were taking home. So a stop there was definitely in order. I learned that Wachusetts has the highest output per square foot of brewery out of any brewery in the country and it showed. The place was tiny. They gave us a few samples and showed us around. It was a pretty short tour, I bought a growler of blueberry for Erin and we headed home.

I bled, I fell, I broke my phone, I nearly lost a camera, and I was sore for two days afterwards, but it was a good trip. I like getting to see new parts of the world and it was a really nice part that we got to see.
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Weekent trip to NH [16 Aug 2010|10:00pm]
A quick glance at my calendar would be more than enough evidence, but I'll go ahead and state the obvious. I've lost interest in LJ. This is my first post in 2010 after just 10 in 2009. I am, in fact alive. The one thing I've been wanting to do lately here is write about vacations. The day to day stuff isn't fun to write about, but vacations are fun to talk about and fun to look back on. So I'll try to be a little better with that at least.

I'm not sure if last weekend counts as a vacation as it wasn't even a long weekend, but we went away and we did a lot of stuff, so it's a good place to start.

We started our trip to New Hampshire around 6pm on Friday and around 8pm I lost my virginity. Visions of french fries danced in our head as I broke a several year streak of no fast food and we stopped at Wendy's. I had my first baconator. It was exactly what I expected it to be; five minutes of a very good burger followed by five hours of nausea and wishing I hadn't done it. The baconator is like what I imagine running a marathon is like. It's great to say that I've done it, I'm glad that I've done it, and I'm never gonna do it again.

We rolled into Erin's family's cabin in North Conway around 10 and after a brief tour of a very nice place all I could think of was sleep. And so we slept.

We started the morning off with a big breakfast. One of the many advantages to staying in a house over a hotel is that you have the ability to cook real food. The disadvantage to that is we got a somewhat late start. But it was still technically morning when we put the kayaks into Lake Conway. The water was nice, the place was fairly quiet, and we had a mountain backdrop. After a couple of hours of paddling we made our way back to shore and agreed that it was one of our favorite places that we've kayaked so far.

We headed into downtown Conway to grab some lunch and walked around for a couple of hours. It's kinda weird walking through a downtown and seeing mountains looming on every side. I wanted to climb every one of them. We had no time for that, though. We had dinner reservations at the White Mountain Resort. The only thing better than the view from our table was the prime rib.

Another advantage to staying in a house over a hotel is that we had a finished basement with a fooseball table and a huge flatscreen tv. That was more than enough to occupy our time before heading off to bed. One of my last thoughts before going to bed was realizing that I had gone an entire day without Dunkin Donuts for the first time that I can remember since our trip to San Francisco last fall.

Breakfast time brought another big meal while we packed our stuff and hit the road. One weekend wasn't enough to take advantage of the cabin and its location. On the way back we stopped by a place called Monkey Trunks. I was somehow able to convince Erin to do the most difficult course and it was a lot of fun. It started with a climb up a wooden rope ladder, 65 feet up into the canopy of the forrest. We had to go from platform to platform by navigating ropes and logs. It was not easy. We didn't make it very far before we saw the course's first casualty. A woman had falled off and couldn't climb back on. The people working there had to rescue her. Erin and I made it the entire way, but Erin wasn't too thrilled with how hard the last couple of obstacles were. She rested on the ground while I made my way through again. We also did the drop zone where they basically take you to the top of a tall tower and then tell you to jump off. The whole place was a lot of fun and somewhere we'd probably go back to.

The way home seemed longer than the way up and, oddly enough, after a whole weekend of not seeing much more than a couple of turtles as far as nature goes, we saw a deer on the side of the highway in West Roxbury on the way home.
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[18 Dec 2009|10:46pm]
I'm using a rental van for Christmas and it's not very big, especially when compared to our normal diesels. I left the building today filled from top to bottom, back to front. My first stop was a good sized bulk stop that cleared out a lot of room, but I was still pretty full. I had a pick up on my screen that said I had to pick up 4 big boxes and they wanted me there before 1 oclock. I sent a message to dispatch saying that I wasn't going to be able to pick up the stop by 1 because I couldn't shove another box into the back of my van without the aid of some roofracks or a lot of lube. Dispatch's reply was "the customer is visually impared". Ok......so what does that have to do with anything? I replied with "Great! So she won't know that I'm showing up late because she won't be able to see the clock."

I also got pulled over today. Someone got a little freaked out that a guy was getting out of an unmarked van and going through their neighbor's yard so they called the cops. A couple stops later a cop was coming in the opposite direction. He turned around and came after me. He was cool about it at least. He got a little chuckle when he looked inside and saw that I was delivering packages. After checking the back of my van to make sure it wans't full of stolen tv's, he let me go.
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[19 May 2009|06:36pm]
is moving.

The appeal of Facebook is pretty obvious. I mean, you can play Oregon Trail! And there's other stuff too. Status updates are handy and quick ways to let the world know how you're doing. Twitter, on the other hand, is still absolutely retarded. There's no reason to give two dozen one liners during the course of you're day. Really, you're not that exciting. Don't feel bad, neither am I. The people who update their status message 6 jillion times a day? They wind up on my ignore list. I'd shoot myself if I had to follow my friends. But used sparingly status messages are great! But onto my original point....

is moving.

After 2 years in Cranston and all 28.917 years of my life in Rhode Island, I'm off to the far, far away land of Massachusetts. Erin and I found a townhouse to rent in Attleboro, right over the border. It has everything we were looking for in a place. It's a 2 floor, 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom with a big kitchen, full basement, private fenced in yard, washer/dryer/dishwasher, and there's no problem with pets. We'll be there before the start of July.
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[13 May 2009|01:34pm]
Help the Boston Bruins, the Bruins Foundation, and my beard by donating to the Beard-a-thon. Playoff beards are a long standing tradition amongst hockey players and this year the Boston Bruins are encouraging the fans to get in on the action. All proceeds go to benefit the Bruins Foundation, a charity that focusses on improving the quality of life for New England children in a lot of different ways and the Beard-a-thon has already raised over $80,000. Not to mention our combined playoff beards have already propelled the Bruins to game 7 in the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Take a look and donate a buck or two if you can. With paypal it's incredibly easy and without paypal it's still very easy. I haven't donated under my name yet, but I have donated $25 for a friend. I will individually match any of your donations up to $5 though. So if you donate $1, I donate $1. If you donate $5, I donate $5. If 100 of you each donate $5 then I'll be donating $500. Luckly I don't know 100 people! Feel free to donate as much as you'd like and at the very least give my beard a 5 puck rating!

Bruins Foundation
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[30 Apr 2009|11:31am]
I've decided that, as of today, I'm no longer going to go to work. Fedex's fiscal year ends and begins on June 1st. So we need to get all our vacation days out of the way before then. Every year I'm left with 2 or 3 stray days that never found their way into my schecule during the year so at random points in April and May, I get the day off. Today is one of those days.

I dropped my car off this morning for some minor maintenance type things and walked the dog back to my place. Everyone I met waved, said hi, and some even stopped to talk. Everyone wanted to pet the dog and everyone seemed so happy. People who aren't at work at 9am on a perfect spring day have to be in a good mood. It's in the rule book. So I've decided to retire and become one of those people.

This is where you, my LJ friends and anyone else who happens across this comes in. I need donations. I'm not independantly wealthy. So in order to make this work I'm going to need at least $50,000 a year, preferably more, in donations. Every little bit helps, but a lotta bits would help even more.

Also I decided to do one of those 100-facts-that-you-don't-know-about-me memes, but I only actually have one thing. When I realized that one thing the other day my first thought was that it'd go great in one of those memes. But I'm not really interested in sitting down to come up with 99 more of those things. So here is 1/100th of my list of 100 facts that you don't know about me; when I buy the paper, I never take the top one. I always reach under for the second paper in the stack. I have no idea why. Maybe it's because the top paper always seems a bit wrinkled. Maybe it's because I think the second paper in the stack will have better news in it. If I were ever presented with the last paper in a stack, I'm not sure what I'd do. I never noticed this about myself until the other day.
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[16 Apr 2009|04:46pm]
Are there any official rules when it comes to black cats? Is it a case by case basis here? Does it count if a black cat with white feet crosses your path? What if a black cat crosses in front of you, but you turn around and go the other way? What if you don't see the cat when he crosses in front of you? Is there a time limit on how long the cat crossing lasts if you don't cross it? Are there all sorts of cat crossing bad luck booby traps all over the ground from cats who crossed years ago? What if the cat crosses behind you on a path that you've already? Is thre a record for most consecutive questions asked in an LJ entry?
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[07 Apr 2009|06:56pm]
The weekend consisted of booze and naketivity. There was a hike, an old people party (drinks, board games, and movies without having to buy a single $6 beer at the bar), and free pizza and donuts while helping my mom move. Of course, there was also the moment we've all been waiting for for months; opening day of the baseball season. But the biggest highlight of the weekend came at the begining of our hike. We took the dogs to a hiking trail that we had never been to. Not 100 yards into the woods we saw a dog peaking out behind a big rock. He gave us the look. Ya know, the "OMG! Other dogs for me to play with!" look. Yeah, OMG...dogs aren't very smart. But anyways, he wanted to play. The fact that he had a small child holding his leash didn't matter. He charged us. The girl gave a very valiant effort trying to keep up with the bolting dog, but that didn't last long. The face plant was epic. Professional stunt men couldn't have pulled it off as well. She was dragged for a little bit before finally being able to let go. She started wailing as the dog came to greet us. It was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. Erin thinks I'm a horrible person for laughing so much. Personally I feel like I'm a helluva guy for at least waiting until we were out of sight of the girl before laughing at her. Highlight number two of the weekend came during the move. My mom just bought her first house and the families were there to help with the move. The old oven was sitting in the front yard waiting to be thrown away. I noticed that in the bottom oven tray there was a french fry. No one had lived in the house for a while so who knows how long that fry was there. I called my brother, who was working in the basement, to let him know about what was found. I offered him a ten to eat it. Someone else chimed in with "hell, for $10, I'll eat it!". So my brother said he'd do it for $5. Sure enough, I brought the fry down to him, he inspected it for a second, and started chewing. It was pretty crunchy. In case you're wondering, my brother is 26. Ladies, as I said in my last post, as unbelievable as this sounds, my brother is single. So act now before someone else snaps him up! Like I've been telling people, my brother just isn't very picky about what he puts in his mouth...
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[03 Apr 2009|05:42pm]
The following will contain some gender stereotypes and some stereotypes in general. There aren't many folks on my friends list that are easily offended (the easily offended have already defriended me), but if you are offended by stereotypes, you can bite me and move on to the next LJ entry about the Watchmen movie or whatever else LJ entries are about (on a side note, I saw Watchmen, I liked it. On another sidenote, what exactly are LJ entries about these days? I have so few active friends that I don't even know anymore).

Guys are more into hobbies than girls. Guys also typically have more hobbies than girls and there are far more stereotypical guy hobbies than there are stereotypical girl hobbies. What made me think of this? Today was a drizzly, ugly, low visibility day. I was rushing to make a few deliveries by one of our many deadlines and I drove past a golf course. I looked over and, through the fog, there was a group of golfers playing. It wasn't raining hard out, but it was foggy. How foggy was it? It was so foggy, I saw a polar bear climbing into a refridgerator trying to keep warm! Wait...that didn't make sense, I think I mixed my metaphors. Either way, it was foggy, ugly, and raw. Yet there was a group of guys happily swinging away at little white balls that they, in all likelyhood, would never see again.

My friend Mike counts down the minutes to opening day of hunting season. He'll wake up at 4am to make sure he's out in the field before dawn and sit there. He's been doing this for nearly 20 years and he has nabbed exactly 1 deer. When he's not waking up at 4 for hunting season, he's waking up at 3 to drive up to take the boat out and catch some fish. Kellen will wake up early on a Sunday and start his breakfast by making football picks. He'll start with the pregame shows, he'll watch the 1:00 game, he'll switch back and forth between 4:00 games, he'll watch the night game, he'll watch the post game shows, he'll watch the analysis shows, he'll watch the Monday morning quarterback shows, he'll watch the celebrations, he'll watch the Monday night game, and he'll start to prepare his picks for next week. You want to know who the third string quarterback for Tampa Bay is? Not only does he know, but he knows what college this guy went to, his time in the 40 at the combine, his shoe size, and how he takes his coffee. My brother has cleared out his spare bedroom and filled it with rocks. Real rocks, found in dunes, quarries, woods, and paths. One of these days his floor is going to collapse and his landlord will be crushed in his sleep by a pile of rubble. My brother does all this so that he and his friend can make tracks for their remote control off road trucks. Ladies, believe it or not, he's single. Act now, before someone else does. Luke has an entire shelf set aside in his tiny Boston apartment shared with 3 others that is dedicated to making his own beers. There are tubes, kegs, bottles, ingredients, and beers everywhere in a place that isn't even big enough to stretch your arms because the 10,000 breweries already out there don't make enough beer. What about me? I've read most of the 1000 pages of this year's Baseball Prospectus. I've read about the top 5 prospects in every organization from Baseball America. I've read the Hardball Times Annual, the Baseball Forecaster, the Bill James Abstract, and every magazine I can get my hands on. I have a harddrive full of spreadsheets and lists. I have dollar values, draft orders, news, and notes. Last year my 5 fantasy baseball teams came in 1st, 1st, 1st, tied for 1st, and 2nd. This year I'm going very light with only 3, but it's very likely I'll be in the top 3 in each league. I might even sign up for a couple last minute leagues. I've had as many as 12 in a year.

Guys get into their hobbies. You wouldn't see a girl swinging a club in the rain or setting aside an entire room for remote control cars. Give me a friend, a case of beer, and a PS3 and the only time I'll be getting out of my chair for the next 14 hours, with the exception of pee breaks will be to open the door for the Dominos guy. But female gamers are few and far in between.

Now, you might be thinking that the guys golfing in the fog are idiots and so are all of the guys, including myself, that I described. And your assessment might be spot on. But there's something else those things have in common and I realized it after thinking about it for a little bit. Beer. A guy will do anything if there's a beer present. And I think that might be the difference between guys and the fairer, less drunk sex. Women will keep themselves occupied with things a bit more productive than swinging a stick, hauling some rocks, or growing attached to the couch. Guys will intently go about their project until the supply of beer runs out.

I guess the moral of the story is that if you're bored, take up drinking. You never know what kinds of useless things you'll find to occupy your time.

Anyways, the quarter of foggy golfers are my new heroes of the day. I imagine that, not only were they going to finish that round of golf, but they were going to brag about it on Monday to their golfin buddies and coworkers. But first, I'm sure they planned on spending some time at the 19th hole.
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[23 Feb 2009|10:05am]
You know what kind of sucks? Licking the sugar off the side of your Dunkin Donuts cup only to realize that it wasn't sugar, but dirt.

I think I set an unofficial Fed Ex record last week. On Wednesday I broke down on the side of the highway. My truck was incapable of going over 15 and stalled every 10 seconds or so. I limped off the highway because I didn't want to be broken down on the side of 70mph traffic. They fixed the truck and it was back on the road the next day. Apparently a fan belt shredded which caused the engine to overheat. On Friday when I was approaching the same point on the same highway, I had the same problem. Once again I limped off the highway and parked in the very same parking lot from Wednesday with the very same fan belt issue. They brought me a new truck (the tow truck company stops by our station first, hooks up to a spare, and then comes up to meet me to give me the new truck and take away the broken one) and I was on my way a bit over an hour later. An hour later....the engine on the new truck dies on me. I'm not sure what was wrong with that one, but the engine would just die on me every few minutes and wouldn't start for about a minute after that. I did a couple more stops and then parked somewhere for lunch. They had to bring me a third truck that day. So I broke 3 trucks last week, 2 in one day. And that's on top of getting a flat tire the week before. That was all on the same route too. I have pretty bad luck covering that route.

On a completely unrelated topic a couple of weeks ago Erin and I went to a Providence Bruins game with her little brother and cousin. On the way there we were walking through the mall behind a guy who had his kid on his shoulders. They walked through a door and THUNK. The father was tall enough that the kid smacked his forehead on the top of the door. It was one of the funniest things I've seen in a while but the kid's mom didn't feel the same way I did.

I'm currently on vacation....I leave for Florida in 2 days.
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[02 Feb 2009|01:34pm]
So what's happened since my last post? Christmas has come and gone. New Year's has come and gone. MLK Day has come and gone. There's even a new president in office. There's a new Superbowl champion. The Jason Varitek era nearly came to an end...and then it didn't. New England has been hit with one of the coldest, snowiest winters in recent memory. But you probably knew all that since it happened to you too. What about me?

I had the worst Christmas, workwise, ever. On Christmas Eve I worked until 9 pm delivering packages for all the assholes who waited until late December to ship something. I worked so late that, for the first time in my life, I missed my family gathering on Christmas Eve. The only good thing was that my last stop that night was to James Woods's mom. And James Woods gave me a $10 tip. As a whole, Fed Ex didn't get all the Christmas presents delivered in time. They even had some volunteers come in on Christmas day to deliver some stuff. Christmas itself was good. I did the usual family stuff and some of Erin's family stuff. I got gifts, I gave gifts, I spent some time plotting ways to eliminate Santa.

New Year's Eve was taken out by a snowstorm. A bus ride down to Foxwoods turned into a quiet night at home. I can't say I really mind. I was up at 4 that morning for work and barely made it til midnight. Being out until 3 with a bus load of people that I didn't know out on one of the most crowded nights of the year sounded about as fun as repeated stabbing myself in the eye with a spoon.

I decided to go with the same New Year's resolution as last year. Last year I wanted to try 100 beers and I had it done with plenty of time to go. So this year I'm going for another 100 different from last year. It's a resolution that I know I'll do and I'll have fun with. In general I'm against New Year's resolutions. If you were that serious about changing something about yourself you'd just do it. You wouldn't wait until some arbitrary date to make some kind of half assed effort. Most resolutions fail because it's nothing you want to do and it's not something you're serious about.

The weeekends have been pretty full. There have been a few trips up to Boston. We saw Blue Man Group which was really fun. We also saw a Northeastern hockey game. Northeastern has a very good hockey team this year so Erin has been wanting to see her school play. Then there was the Saturday night at the world's busiest bowling alley. We waited 4 hours for an open lane, the whole time being jostled about by the packed house, listening to bad and loud music, and paying for expensive beers. I was going to bring up that we could've gone to the bowling alley in Woonsocket, got a lane right away, and bought a pitcher of beer for the price of a glass in Boston, but they seemed to be having fun. Bostonians have really weird ideas of fun. We did see a Celtics player which I guess was exciting, but basketball isn't exactly a high ranking sport in my book. This past weekend we saw They Might Be Giants. It was a really good show. One thing I don't like about that band is that they're un-sellouts, not counting the Dunkin' Donuts commercials. Most bands will play their good stuff in concert to try to sell records. TMBG will play their weird stuff and their new stuff. Damn artistic integrity getting in the way. I've been to a couple of shows where their playlist just plain sucked because while they do have a lot of really good songs, they also have a lot of really bad ones. This time though they played all the good stuff.

The weekends coming up will be even busier. Between hockey games, old people birthdays, and a couple of trips we don't have a free weekend until March. We'll be spending the weekend in Cape Cod soon to get a VD. Or celebrate a VD. Or something like that. And then at the end of the month we're heading down to Florida for a long weekend to escape the 3 feet of snow and see the Red Sox in Fort Myers.

And, to top off the month, I have a new car. My '95 Lumina was supposed to just be a stopgap because I really needed a car, but I didn't like it too much so I planned on getting a new one when I could. But one thing lead to another and I somehow managed to keep the Lumina in one piece for 5 years. Recently though it finally died. I now own a car that I can actually rely on and it's a nice feeling.

And that was pretty much my month in review. I'm sure I forgot a few things, but whatareyagonnado. I went the entire month of January without posting. I dunno if I've ever done that before.
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[18 Dec 2008|08:14pm]
Overheard in the punchin room at work - "When I see Santa, I'm gonna punch him in the fucking face". So, see...I'm not the only one that says that.

What's worse than today, the second busiest delivery day of the year? Tomorrow, the busiest delivery day of the year. What's worse than tomorrow, the busiest delivery day of the year? Tomorrow, the busiest delivery day of the year with 6-12 inches of snow in the forecast. What's worse than tomorrow, the busiest delivery day of the year with 6-12 inches of snow in the forecast? Tomorrow, the busiest delivery day of the year with 6-12 inches of snow in the forecast and no time to recover since we have to clean up the mess on Saturday, a 6th straight very busy day of work. What's worse than tomorrow, the busiest delivery day of the year with 6-12 inches of snow in the forecast and no time to recover since we have to clean up the mess on Saturday, a 6th straight very busy day of work? Not much. Well, maybe super AIDS...but that's about it

Oh, and any of you jackasses wishing for a white Christmas or hoping for any amount of snow is gonna get punched just as hard as Santa.
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[22 Nov 2008|12:41pm]
I don't feel like writing a real entry. I never do anymore. So here's a quick list of some of the things I've done in the month of November, in no particular order

Bruins game - Best hockey game I've ever seen. Fights all over the place and the good guys won. The Bruins are doing that a lot this year.

Halloween party - Lots of beer, moved on to boxed wine. I was a convict.

Celtics game - Fun to see one in person, but I was getting bored at various points in the game. I really don't like basketball. I was also a bit sick, so that probably didn't help.

AC/DC concert - Really good show. Dunno if it was the best I've ever seen, but it did involve the best guitarwork I've seen and the most 50-foot-tall-inflatable-women-fingering-herselfs that I've ever seen. There was only one, but that's one more than I've ever seen before

Waters work dinner - Ordered a giant prime rib. It was one of the best steaks I've ever had. The place was really nice

Skanksgiving - Saw some pretty good bands (Flatfoot 56, Pietasters, Mustard Plug) and had a pretty good time. Showcase Live at Gillette Stadium is a really nice venue

There were other things...those were just the highlites.
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[04 Nov 2008|04:09pm]
I was in Boston over the weekend. I finished off my vacation with a Halloween party on Friday night and a Bruins game on Saturday. The party was a bit blurry, but I do remember they didn't have any food other than a half eaten platter of crackers. I'm just used to the food being the star of any party I go to, because that's how my friends roll. The Bruins game was probably the best hockey game I've ever seen. A few dirty hits from the other team and the Bruins went nuts. There were brawls, scuffles, pushes, and all-out boxing matches. There was even a point where the goalies tried to get involved before the refs stopped them. Add to that the fact that the Bruins won 5-1 and it was a good night, despite how hungover we felt.

Anyways, my original point was that I was in Boston for the weekend. So the dog stayed a couple of night's at Erin's parents house. When we picked him up on Sunday her father looked a little worried and told us that Brady had hurt his foot. Apparently he woke up on Sunday morning with a yelp and was limping pretty bad. We took him back to Erin's and he spent the rest of the day not moving and eating very little. I was hoping he'd be better on Monday, but when I woke up I had to carry him down the stairs so that he could pee. I headed to work and by the time I went home for lunch it had mysteriously spread to another leg. So I called a vet to make an appointment for today. The good news is he'll be fine. I kinda knew what was wrong before I brought him in and the vet confirmed it. The bad news is that it's Lyme disease. That's what was causing his joint pain. It's something that he'll have the rest of his life now, but the meds will put it in remission. I just have to watch and if it flares up, he needs some more meds. He's already feeling a lot better than he was over the weekend at least. He's hobbling a bit, but he's moving around more. He'll be fine in a couple of days and it was caught in time before it did anything serious. So it kinda sucks, but he'll be ok
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[04 Nov 2008|08:45am]
I haven't been annoyed with this election as I was with the last one. That probably has a lot to do with the company I keep these days and the lack of the "vote or die" ads this time around. Either way I am thrilled that today is finally hear. The campaigning, the ads, the idiots touting their candidate...it's all over today.

I don't vote. Never have and likely never will. I've told people that if they can give me one good reason to vote, I would. No one has ever presented me with one and they've tried them all, each reason lamer than the last.

First of all, one vote doesn't count. It doesn't matter. If our votes actually counted, Al Gore would be president. Hell, if our votes mattered Obama wouldn't even be an option right now since Clinton won the popular vote. No matter who I voted for today, Rhode Island will be using all its puny little might to back Obama. I once had a friend tell me that she voted because she wanted to send a message. She was all pround of herself and loved to look down at me for not voting. She couldn't understand why I looked at her like she was braindead. Seriosly, what message was heard by her going out to vote that wouldn't have been heard had she stayed home? One person going out to vote has no effect on anything whatsoever. Most go out to vote because they like to feel they can make a difference and it makes them feel good about themselves. If you can trick yourself into thinking that, good for you, but my vote doesn't make a difference. Neither does yours.

Second of all, we don't know who we're voting for. Every word they've said has been an attempt to get them to vote for you. Every speech they've given has been written by someone else. Every attack ad they've put out has lashed at some stupid defect in the other candidate that shouldn't actually matter, but our country is sometimes dumb enough to fall for. We know the public image they've shown us, we know the words their campaign managers have told them to say, and we know that if Obama weren't a politician, he'd likely be a used car salesman. You know nothing about who you're voting for other than what they want you to know. You could always go back to look at their time in office as a senator, but very few people actually think that far to do that. And these two guys have been on the campaign trail for so long that they haven't even been doing their jobs anyways.

Even if you knew who you were voting for, you don't know if the policies they're going to impliment will work. You're not smart enough to understand the big issues involved here. Don't feel bad, neither am I. There are some issues we get. One of my coworkers will never vote democrat because he's a good little religious guy and can't support abortion. A couple of friends will never vote republican because they're in favor of gay marriage. But the biggest issues in this election are the economy and foreign policy. And people go to school for years to be able to understand the basics of either of those. Very few people out there know if Obama's tax plans or McCain's maverickisms will help our economy. And we don't know the ramifications of Obama trying to back out of the war or McCain just throwing missiles at everyone. We're really taking a stab in the dark with either one of these guys.

I like our country. It's a good place to live. And while we don't have the hockey skills or maple syrup of our neighbors to the north, at least we're a little warmer. I won't be voting because I have faith in our system. Anybody who has made it this far is fit to run a country. And that is something that I think is weird about other people. Now I'll joke about how dumb Bush is and we all have a good laugh about how unfit he is to run a country. But do you really feel that Bush is an idiot? Seriously, if you believe that our system is so fucked that it allowed a man who you believe to be incapable of his job to run our country for 8 years and you're still here....well, then you have some serious mental issues. If you have such little faith in the system, why are you still here? Canada is calling. I, personally, believe we'll be fine no matter who are president is. Our current problems can't be laid at the feet of George Bush like some like to claim...we all contributed to the group effort that's flushing our country down the toilet. Bush is just the guy we like to blame.

Ya know...that's a lot of words to say I'm not voting. And I'm already bored with the topic. So I'm gonna go watch tv.
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[31 Oct 2008|12:15pm]
If I were some medieval guy who got zapped into the future by a wizard's spell (Hey...I saw it in a movie once...it can happen), there would be a lot of amazing things in our modern world. We have devices that can fit in your hand that play games, flash images, hold thousands of songs, and connect you to anyone in the world with a touch of a button. We have flat screens that can be hung on a wall and act like a window, showing you up to the minute happenings in the world or show you a movie that someone made years ago and they look as clear as if you were actually there. Not to mention the shock of seeing how weird people dress. Actually...I've lived in modern times for most of my life and I still can't get over how some people dress. But anyways...

I think the thing that would amaze me most though, would be airplanes. You have these 75 ton metal machines that just point themselves up and in no time they're flying at 500 mph over a mile above the ground. I work at the airport sometimes and I love watching the planes take off and land. I know there's science behind it, but it still seems like it takes some kind of magic to get those things going. I should be an airplane pilot. They get paid really well and there are all sorts of cool buttons that I'd get to press.
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[30 Oct 2008|03:12pm]
I'm going to be a convict for Halloween. Why? Because it cost $23, there are no masks or annoying bits, and it took absolutely no work to put it together. I don't like dressing up for Halloween. I like the candy part, but the rest isn't all that much fun. So this costume is perfect. It doesn't get in the way and didn't require any work or thought. I'm gonna save it so I can be a convict every year.

This is my second entry today, the first time I've posted twice since April 24th. Maybe I'll even post a third time. I had to go all the way back to April of 2004 to find the last time I posted more than twice in a day. That was the day I posted 25 times. Maybe I'll go for the record!
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[30 Oct 2008|11:15am]
About a month ago I started to roll my coins. I knew I had at least $100 in my coin bucket so with that much free money I figured I could buy something decent. I rolled...and rolled...and rolled. And the change just wouldn't stop. $452 later my coin bin was finally empty. That's a lot of free money to play with! I'm about to do some Amazon shopping. A camera and a GPS are on the list. Who knows what else! Next time I'm just gonna use a coinstar. Sure, it would've cost me $40. But it took me hours and hours and hours to roll those damn things. And when I was done the bag weighed about 50 pounds and the bank lady was really annoyed with me. Then again, the teller I went to is never in a good mood, so it was probably just that.
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