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Weekent trip to NH

A quick glance at my calendar would be more than enough evidence, but I'll go ahead and state the obvious. I've lost interest in LJ. This is my first post in 2010 after just 10 in 2009. I am, in fact alive. The one thing I've been wanting to do lately here is write about vacations. The day to day stuff isn't fun to write about, but vacations are fun to talk about and fun to look back on. So I'll try to be a little better with that at least.

I'm not sure if last weekend counts as a vacation as it wasn't even a long weekend, but we went away and we did a lot of stuff, so it's a good place to start.

We started our trip to New Hampshire around 6pm on Friday and around 8pm I lost my virginity. Visions of french fries danced in our head as I broke a several year streak of no fast food and we stopped at Wendy's. I had my first baconator. It was exactly what I expected it to be; five minutes of a very good burger followed by five hours of nausea and wishing I hadn't done it. The baconator is like what I imagine running a marathon is like. It's great to say that I've done it, I'm glad that I've done it, and I'm never gonna do it again.

We rolled into Erin's family's cabin in North Conway around 10 and after a brief tour of a very nice place all I could think of was sleep. And so we slept.

We started the morning off with a big breakfast. One of the many advantages to staying in a house over a hotel is that you have the ability to cook real food. The disadvantage to that is we got a somewhat late start. But it was still technically morning when we put the kayaks into Lake Conway. The water was nice, the place was fairly quiet, and we had a mountain backdrop. After a couple of hours of paddling we made our way back to shore and agreed that it was one of our favorite places that we've kayaked so far.

We headed into downtown Conway to grab some lunch and walked around for a couple of hours. It's kinda weird walking through a downtown and seeing mountains looming on every side. I wanted to climb every one of them. We had no time for that, though. We had dinner reservations at the White Mountain Resort. The only thing better than the view from our table was the prime rib.

Another advantage to staying in a house over a hotel is that we had a finished basement with a fooseball table and a huge flatscreen tv. That was more than enough to occupy our time before heading off to bed. One of my last thoughts before going to bed was realizing that I had gone an entire day without Dunkin Donuts for the first time that I can remember since our trip to San Francisco last fall.

Breakfast time brought another big meal while we packed our stuff and hit the road. One weekend wasn't enough to take advantage of the cabin and its location. On the way back we stopped by a place called Monkey Trunks. I was somehow able to convince Erin to do the most difficult course and it was a lot of fun. It started with a climb up a wooden rope ladder, 65 feet up into the canopy of the forrest. We had to go from platform to platform by navigating ropes and logs. It was not easy. We didn't make it very far before we saw the course's first casualty. A woman had falled off and couldn't climb back on. The people working there had to rescue her. Erin and I made it the entire way, but Erin wasn't too thrilled with how hard the last couple of obstacles were. She rested on the ground while I made my way through again. We also did the drop zone where they basically take you to the top of a tall tower and then tell you to jump off. The whole place was a lot of fun and somewhere we'd probably go back to.

The way home seemed longer than the way up and, oddly enough, after a whole weekend of not seeing much more than a couple of turtles as far as nature goes, we saw a deer on the side of the highway in West Roxbury on the way home.
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